Growing up my younger brother had a food allergy to preservatives, so we were eating clean and organic way before it was ever something most people never really thought about. Everything was made from scratch. We had an acre of garden and a small orchard, and what we didn’t grow ourselves we got from local farmers. We raised beef cattle, sheep and rabbits. The raw whole milk we got, my mom would skim the cream off the top and churn the butter in her KitchenAid. We made homemade bread, and canned all our fruits and vegetables.

I did not know it at the time, but this had a huge influence in my own homemade way’s.

Farmers Cheese

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Lotions and Creams

I have been making my own lotions, creams, lip balms and scrubs for over 20 years.

In part because I have very dry sensitive skin, but also it’s so much better for you…only good stuff!

They work so much better and you can experiment and customize once you see how your skin responds to the various oils. PLUS it’s FUN!

I will start with some easy ones, that will have ingredients that most people have on hand to get you started.

Hope’s Glowing Skin Facial

Coconut Oil eye cream

Hope’s Lemony Sugar Scrub

Hope’s Healing Skin Balm


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DIY Craftiness

I love crafting and creating!

I’m fickle… I do not stick to any one medium… I try them all!

I also have a huge fondness for redoing and re-purposing, which may explain my love of thrift stores. Although if anyone calls me while do this I tell them i’m antiquing.

Coming in July……..30 day’s of crafting using only supply’s I already own!

Follow me as I set out to make fun gifts and useful things, only using what I already have on hand…no cheating!

Who wants to do this challenge with me?! I would love some comments, Pictures and ideas as you craft along!

Soda Can Caddy

Etched Wine Bottles-DIY challenge day one

Bees wax candles

Last minuet decorating ideas

Painting my KitchenAid

DIY Watercolor Art

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Wine. Mead & Kombocha


For as long as I can remember my parents made wine, they always had a half dozen or so 5 gal carboys going of various varieties.   when I was 12 my parents bought a couple hundred acres and built a house and we started a small farm. I’ll explain more about why they did that later… but for now you should know there was a second kitchen downstairs and a wine cellar. My parents are both in there early 80’s now and no longer make it but i’m enjoying learning from them.

Kombucha, growing SCOBY and basic Tea

Hope’s homemade Mead

Ginger Beer Part 1 making the BUG


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About Hope


Hi, my name is Hope, and I love all things home made, the good for you, creative outlet (and a bit mad scientist) , the satisfaction of doing it yourself, to stay healthy, true to who you are, and lets face it there is a coolness factor in sharing something amazing with your friends and family that you created yourself .

I hope you enjoy what I make, and it inspires you to create your own homemade goodness.

We can lose our way, lose our confidence, forget who we are and what’s real. Being creative reminds me.
Love Hope