Bee’s wax candles

Just picked up about six pounds of fresh beeswax from a friend that keeps bees.

I originally asked for two pounds but he had what he thought was between five and a half and seven and just gave it all to me. now normally I just make lotions and creams with my beeswax but with this much it would take me a really long time to use it all up so with that …today we make

Hopes homemade bee’s wax candles.

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First I’m going to give it one more filtering process


I heard you could melt the wax in your slow cooker…. so I tied my wax in a pillowcase and put water in my spare insert set it on high.
It worked! the wax melted(about 2 1/2 hours) and all the gunk was left inside of the pillowcase. now i wait for the the wax to separate and harden as it cools.

I’m slightly obsessed with thrift stores so I’m off to my local one in search of cute little jars to put my candles in.


Melting a bit of my filtered wax, I’m not doing a ton today just a few, I’m sending some to my friend who gave me the wax as a thank you. I’m using a mason jar and pan as a makeshift double boiler. As my wax melts, I clean up my new candle holders.


Ready to pour, just add a bit of melted wax to inside bottom of container to secure the wick.

I make my first pour not quite as full as I want the end product to be, and let cool. After it’s cooled I top it off to make sure I cover any dents or cracks so it looks perfect!

Did you catch what i’m making here….it’s a honey pot and a honey shot.



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Thanks for stopping by!


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