Hope’s homemade Mead

  20150320_103215 Mead is wine fermented from honey rather than the traditional way of fermenting with grapes. You can add fruit or herbs to add another layer of flavor or experiment with various types of honeys.    
Supplies you will need:

  • 1 – 1 gallon glass jug
  • 3 pounds of honey
  • 25 raisins
  • 1 Orange cut up
  • 1 package of wine yeast, I used a yeast for sweet mead.
  • 1 gallon of Spring Water
  • 1 Airlock (thats the funny shaped plastic thing at the top of each bottle in the picture).
  • 1 rubber stopper (this is what the airlock fits into then is inserted into the gallon jug
  • A Sterilizer to make sure everything is clean! (Wine Makers use a product called Easy Clean and it will cost you about 2 dollars.)


Mead Making : 

  • Sterilize all your equipment including the jug, airlock, rubber stopper and any spoons or utensils.
  • Mix the three pounds of honey with enough Spring Water to almost fill your gallon jug. Mix it vigourously by stirring or shaking.
  • add your raisins and Orange.
  • add 1 packet of yeast and gently stir
  • Fill your airlock about half full with spring water, push it into the rubber stopper then put the stopper onto your jug.
  • Within 24 hours the airlock should begin bubbling. This means the yeast is working!
  • Over the course of the next 2 to 3 weeks you will see a cake develop on the bottom of your jug. This is the husks of yeast as they grow, multiply then die and it is perfectly normal.
  • When the airlock bubbles at less than 1 bubble every 30 seconds you should transfer the liquid to a new santized jug; use a hose to siphon the liquid and leave all the old yeast cake behind and dispose of it. Put the airlock on your new jug. Mine took 2 months.
  • Within about 3 months it will be drinkable but you should wait 6 months to let it develop in taste. If you can wait a year it will be even better. I tasted mine at 2 months when I racked it into a clean jug and it was tasty already!
  • At any point you can siphon to a new jug if another thick cake forms in the jug.
  • When it’s all clear it’s ready to bottle!

This is so good with a beautiful honey finish!

Love Hope

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