Last minuet party decorating ideas

This has been a crazy week! I have My son’s Graduation open house party on Saturday, Fathers day on Sunday, My husbands Birthday on Monday. That’s a lot of party planing…Three party’s in Three days….

Once I had all the clean up done! We decided to paint the house trim and all the patio furniture and when I say we, I mean me. New bark dust, lots of yard work, scrubbing of patios and decks. You get the picture.

OK so food is bought and “make ahead” done, house is clean. NOW I have to make it look like a party!

So I hear the whole chalkboard thing might be on it’s way out, but I got to tell you, it is going to save my decorating booty over the next three day’s!

  • Chalkboard banners -Confession time, I bought some..In my defense my schedule was crazy and they were on sale for half off. But super easy to make if you want with black construction paper or craft paper a hole punch, and string or twine. All I did was get out the chalk and write on them, and run the string through! I decorated the fireplace now and the other banners will go outside tomorrow for his party. I’m also making banners for the drink station.    Then I will just erase them after the party and switch them up for the next….and next…



  • Chalkboard coasters, I did all the tile work in my other house, and have a box of miscellaneous tiles, I have made photo coasters with them, But today I just took some out of the box washed and dried them. Gave em a quick couple coats of chalkboard spray paint and done !  Sunday they will say Happy Fathers day!  Monday Happy Birthday!



  • Another quick and easy project to make the guest of honer feel special is a poster, I use Walgreen’s same day pickup, I do photo books all the time so I have lots of photos stored on there site but even if you are a first timer it’s fast and easy to get an account and upload photos. I have done many collage posters for events, can build one in 5 min, and often i’m picking it up in 30 minuets.

1434752754654  This is where guests will place cards for the guest of honer.

Thanks for stopping by I will be back tomorrow with more!