Painting my KitchenAid

1435089595115 Here she is before. (chips rust and all )

This my friends was very scary! To paint my most beloved vintage KitchenAid, passed down to me from my mother. It was her first, and in our kitchen for as long as I can remember. About 10 years ago she wanted a custom color and bought a new one. That following Christmas they bought all new attachments for the vintage one and gifted it all to me. I cried….like a baby, I had learned how to bake using that mixer with my mom, and it meant so much to me.    I took me about a year after I decided I wanted to paint it, to work up the nerve So we started out slow…

  • Give her a good scrub- I used a old toothbrush and toothpicks to get in all those crevices. a scrubby sponge for all the rest, you will be disgusted with yourself for how gross this is! I almost stopped and said this was good after she was clean and shiny, but then I looked at the rust and new I had to keep going.
  • Disassemble-It’s just screws, do not be afraid, 1435089680850  1435099339932
  • Tape all parts not to be painted-1435099284030 I used a knife to cut to size.
  • Sand- All parts to be painted, just to rough it up to give the the new paint some tooth. wipe it down and let dry.
  • Primer- if you have chips like me or are doing a big color change or want to ensure a smooth lasting finish. do not skip this step! Even if your paint tells you it’s a paint and primer….learn from me! See those rust spots? Sanding and many many coats of my all in one would not cover, I then grabbed a can of white primer I had from another project, gave it a coat, just one did the trick and then went back with my color and…. PERFECT!
  • Paint- Picking the color is the hardest part to this step, at least for me, all the hard stuff was done….now for the FUN! As you stand in front of all those Delicious colors, will you go bold or grey? mat or glossy, a metallic or hammered look perhaps? What will you pick? What did I pick with all those options? Metallic Pearl White! yup don’t laugh yet…. it looks amazing!

1435164219570 After I sprayed the undercarriage and it dried,  I plopped her in the empty egg carton, I also learned the hard way if it tips over bad things happen.

OK did I say picking the paint color was hardest?! I think I lied, for me anyway, leave it alone to dry….go somewhere if you must. let it cure, again I stress leave it alone. You will want to put it all together to see it in all its glory but don’t. Give it 24 hrs or more….no less.


She is a pearl!

I love her so!