Etched Wine bottles


Supplies –

  • Wine bottle
  • Armour Etch or other etching cream (I got mine at Michaels)
  • Protective gloves
  • Brush ( I like foam disposable)
  • Stickers, stencils or other adhesive template design
  • Masking tape or painters tape

20150701_091343 (1)

Clean glass wine bottle, and wipe dry
Apply Self Adhesive Stencils to the glass

Tape off all around stenciles


Brush on a thick coat of Etching Cream
Wait 5 minutes and wash off (my etching cream said 1 minute but I had to reapply)

Take to sink and wash off cream, peel off stencils and tape and wash again.



This is Quick and easy, once you have all your supply’s out you will be running around the house looks for more stuff to etch. I’m bottling up a gallon of Mead tonight when my husband gets home to help so I did a few bottles that said Mead as well.

You can create your own stencils with contact paper and a knife as well.


Love Hope