Hopes Hard Cider

I have been toying with the idea of making hard cider, I like it, the husband is not crazy about it. Well today I was making another gallon of Mead (blueberry yum!) and i wanted to use a sweet mead yeast that is wet, so once you open it you need to use it all, and it will ferment up to 5 gallon, so me not wanting it to go to waist thought…why not! I’m just using store bought cider and it MUST be preservatives free.


  • One gallon apple cider ( preservatives free is a must, if you can get raw organic unpasteurized even better)
  • Two cups brown sugar
  • Yeast – You can use a cider/champagne, for me today i’m experimenting with my sweet mead yeast
  • Demijohn(s), a funnel, a siphon hose, rubber stoppers, and airlocks.

After sterilizing everything!

Heat on low, warm one half gallon of juice, add your brown sugar, stir until melted. you are just getting the juice warm enough to melt the sugar do not let it get hot.

Pour warm juice and sugar mixture in a one gallon glass Demijohn or jug, top off with remaining cider, leaving 2/3 inch head space. add your yeast, and put in rubber stopper and wait….

When your airlock stops bubbling you can bottle, you can actually bottle after a week but more time more better when brewing! I’m on day 10 and it’s slowing I will bottle between two and three weeks.


Update: This turned out ok, The lesson I learned was one I already know in all other aspects of wine making, and cooking, Use the best quality you can. If you use cheap commercial apple juice turning it into hard cider is not going to make it taste any better other then now it is fizzy and hard. Next time I make this it will be with fresh pressed apples from the orchard.


Love Hope