old chairs new life

I may have mentioned a time or two my love of thrifting and or giving old things new life(redoing repurposing) . I come by it naturally as my parents were antique dealers for a bit Or maybe…looking back they just bought a lot of antiques and kept them all in there very large home with lots of storage….. hum? I see a pattern here, well we will do therapy later…for now..my chairs!

I’m on many buying and selling groups on facebook and yesterday I scored four late 1800’s-early 1900’s chairs.

\Are you ready for this! five dollars…..  Yes that’s right, one dollar and 25 cents each!

20150810_204433   20150810_20433120150810_20430620150810_204243  Today I’m working on Chair #2

A little sanding20150811_073148

And a butter yellow paint, this is first coat, I will leave the seat with a natural finish.20150811_100911

1439317178130Second coat on now for the fun part!

20150811_12590320150811_131455A little distressing, and staining, when it has cured I will wax it.

Isn’t she cute!  

Update:  download (6)

This is the next one I did I just love her! She looks great for 100+ years old!

Love Hope