A farm girl and a fisherman

How I decorated my powder room within an inch of it’s life!

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When my husband and I got together 5 + years ago, we moved into his house and rented out mine.  Now it’s not like I did not know that fishing was a passion of his….I had known him for 30+ years, first as an acquaintance, then a good 15 years as friends so it really should not have surprised me that the decor he chose to express who he was would be a staggering amount of fish and ducks (duck hunting passion #2)  There was not a picture or piece of artwork (mettle , stone or otherwise, rods, creoles, decoys, dishes,light plate covers, I could go on.. ) that did not depict one or the other, and the volume was/is staggering!

So the vain of today’s blog was to be my obsession with thrifting and repurpesing, as I went garage sale-ing  yesterday and found some great stuff…without my husband, so he wants to go today…did I mention how much I love my husband! I guess the point I’m making here is we both can get a bit carried away with what we love, we are the male/female version of the same person, luckily we both have a, strong like for the others passion.

So for 5 years I’ve been looking at bare walls in the down stairs powder room, then something inside me snapped! and my creative girly side went at gallery wall on it, after a few weeks I think my husbands warming up to it.

All the art I painted myself. and he loves it…..and me.

Note: My apologizes for the blurry picture, this room is 4 and a half feet by 5’3, but dang it now when you have a seat you have something to look at!

Enjoy your passion!

Love Hope