Clam Shell Bees Wax Candles



Did some beach combing while fishing it Point Defiance WA a couple of weeks ago, and collected a huge stash of Clam shells, which is a good thing because this girl fished hard for two day and got nada! Luckily my fisherman husband got a pile!



  • Wash and dry clam shells, set them out in the sun for a while.
  • Melt Bees wax in double boiler (i use a mason jar in a pan of water.
  • Cut wicks 3 inch each.
  • Spoon a dime size amount of wax in the center of the shell and anchor a half inch or so of wick in it.
  • When wax holding wick is set, pour the rest of the wax in the shell, slowly, stopping just before you get to the edge of the shell.
  • When wax is set, trim wick.

Makes a cute gift!