So this is a new sort of post for me, I’m not making anything….not really, well maybe an excuse as to why I’m not making anything in this post, but I have a feeling I will circle on back to it. You see…I’m unemployed WOW it’s weird to say it, I sort of feel as though I should be sitting in a circle and stating it out loud if you catch my drift. I worked for 40 + years without ever not being employed. Through no fault of my own found myself looking for work, I’m not going to go into a big thing about my career because that would be boring but I did have a wonderful one that I loved.

Now anyone who has ever been without a job unwillingly, knows all the emotional baggage that comes with it, but then their is this little side travel you take with your baggage to make yourself feel better… you know, be a productive human. The following is a  small  list of some of those things I did to be busy because, lets face it, you can only look for a job for so many hours in a day. So here goes! I……

Planted a garden, build an herb garden, cleaned out and organize every closet and drawer in the house, taught myself to paint, crafted myself into a corner (as in to many to mention), re finished an untold told amount of furniture (love of thrifting), created new recipes, started a blog, scrubbed the landscape tiles surrounding the back porch and shed with a wire brush bleached them and did it again, took a truckload of stuff around from around shed to dump, made blackberry, watermelon, lemon, orange moonshine. apple pie moonshine, made plum wine, mead, blueberry mead, pear wine. taught others how to make booze as well, fished often, smoked a lot of fish. redecorated a few rooms, learned how to can, and caned some stuff.   Spent at least one day a week with my grandson.  Spent (spend) time with my parents. PHEW!

Every day making, trying or doing something new, and then….this week…I HIT THE WALL!

Yes I know today is only Tuesday, but let me tell you what I did yesterday. Um, well…I made sweet tea for my Kombocha, worked out, watched an entire season of Frankie and Grace on Netflix, made dinner. Yup that is what my type A personality did yesterday. So I’m sure you can see why I’m freaking out!   Do you know what happens to someone when they watch 10-13 episodes of the same show all at one sitting? Well I do! and that is why I had to limit my watching, to one a day of Game of Thrones!

TV is staying off today…..

Love Hope