Removing Wine bottle labels



I might go on a bit of a rant here….I’m sorry. I keep seeing all these Pinterest posts on how to remove labels, telling you to Soak them in a sink with this concoction or that, scraping and scrubbing and it makes me want to scream! NOOOOOOOOOO!

I make wine, so I reuse a LOT of wine bottles, I would lose my mind If I had to soak and scrub all those bottles!

Here is what you do.

  • Boil water
  • Pour into bottle up to the neck
  • wait 3-5 minuets
  • peal off label (it peals off in one piece if you want to craft with it )
  • Most of the glue stays on the label but if their is any left on bottle put a bit of soap on a washcloth and wipe off while boiling water is still in bottle, it wipes right off.


Love, Hope