Apple Pie Moonshine


This Is a great holiday drink, and makes a great gift in a cute bottle or mason jar.


1 750ml bottle of Everclear 
2 quarts of apple juice
2 quarts of apple cider
3-5 cinnamon sticks
1-2 cups of sugar. (I like one cup sugar and one cup Brown sugar)

Simmer the apple cider, apple juice and cinnamon sticks for a minimum of an hour.

Remove from heat, remove your cinnamon sticks and add your sugar. Adding sugar now helps it melt into the warm yummy appleness.

When cool add your alcohol.

Pour in cute containers or mason jars.

I let this set for a couple months before giving, the longer it does the more smooth and mellow and delish it will be, but don’t let it fool you….it is VERY strong and can sneak up on you so drink responsibly.

NOTES: Add in’s

allspice and cloves, a cup (or two) of flavored vodka like whipped cream or caramel. Have Fun!

Love Hope