Sunday dinners


Sunday dinners are a long standing tradition in my house, we always ate together as a family when the kid were small, but then as they became teenagers and some started venturing out on their own, family meals became harder to do. Thus Sunday dinners were born. It’s hard to get everyone together even on Sundays, but we take as many as we can get, and some times we have extended family or friends.

12509333_10208672418712143_4232612662518202911_nDaughter and step Dad Fishing, So Cute!

Today we have my middle daughter and her  boyfrind and son, and my youngest step son, so 6 around the table today, that makes these empty nesters happy. My daughter and her boyfriend are fishing with my husband this morning while grand son and I hang out, then dad will go look at a potential car with his son, then dinner here all together. few! dads getting a workout, which means dinner is all me…..that is not the norm around here on Sundays, hubby BBQ’s and I do the sides but a lot is going on today so dinner is easy and in the crockpot!

Today’s Menu:

Corned beef and cabbage (in the Crockpot)

Green salad

Home made bread 

Apple crisp for desert

All things that can hangout until everyone comes together.

Today is not the typical Sunday, we are usually all hanging out together playing outside, watching movies, going to the park or Saturday market, jam session in the music room….

sd2 This is four generations of LEGO builders! My daughter, grandson, Me and my dad. The LEGO’s are ALWAYS out at Sunday dinners!

sd1 A little jam session in the music room This is a old (but favorite Sunday Dinner photo of mine) both those boys are about twice that size now.

What’s you favorite family tradition? Because this is surly mine!

Then check out what I made with the leftovers the next day! Corned Beef Hash

Love Hope