When Your Hobby Becomes Your Job

When Your Hobby Becomes Your Job

When Your Hobby Becomes Your Job

It’s amazing how when you stop your work world and get off, whether on purpose or through loss, you can find your true and authentic self. It might take a bit, and if it was not your choice intentionally their might be a bit of a grieving process, a self worth evaluation.
Their can be some dark times.  

So do it!  Grieve… do what you have to do to let go of your old identity, it made you who you are and it will hold a place in your heart, a place of pride. But just like grieving a person, you don’t let go of them they are part of you, now you learn how to create a new life with them not in it. This may sound a bit dramatic, well it is! If you have ever lost a job you loved, and was not just a source of income but pride and fulfillment then you know.

Now, as you grieve, evaluate you self worth, fumble around a bit sending out a polished up resume’s, calling contacts, making cold calls, doing all those things your supposed to do when unemployed…what are you doing?
In between those times, you know…around the house trying to be a productive human being, yes at first there will be all those projects on you to do list you finely get to. But…What is your play.

Is there a way to meld the best of the old work you, with the true you, the what would you do/be if you did not need to work for money you? Remember what your childhood was like, what was your “play”. A child’s job, how they learn, is through play. Take a moment to think about what you loved to do as a child, and before you roll your eyes I’ll tell you this. This will tell you more about your true authentic self then all of your adult years combined. As an young adult we often do what are influences project on us, often without even being conscious of it.  Sometimes we stumble into a path driven by our first job and we never look back. So before you shrug it off, think about it.

I fought this process in the beginning, I was to busy being sad, but then piece by piece it all came together, I meditated a lot, it helps me focus, do what helps you, we all have that one thing be it meditation, running, fishing whatever works for you.  Think and remember.


What did I love about my job: Teaching training, being creative, writing.
My job was Manager of Organizational Development.

What did I love to do as a child: Writing stories, any outside play, Playing school I was the teacher, science and art projects…sometimes at the same time.
I was raised on a farm and my parents were winemakers.

What did I do? What was I doing in between looking for a job and working on that list. I was crafting and painting, baking and cooking, but most of all I was making Wine, Ginger beer, Kombucha, all things I did (or watched my parents do) on the farm as a kid or young adult. I started teaching friends and family how to do the same.

What a’m I doing now? I’m writing, teaching, sharing what I learned on the farm and life, and getting to create something new every day.  I started a BLOG hopeshomemade.com  And teach classes on Wine making. This is just step one, with more to follow, because once you start playing there is no limit.

So before I leave you to it, I’ll just ask two questions of you:

  1. What was the one element you liked best about a job you had.
  2. What was your favorite form of play as a child.


See you on the playground!

Hope Eilertson