Hope’s Top five reasons for making your own Wine.

Hope's Top five reasons for making your own Wine.

A delightful read on why you should try Wine Making. Want to learn wine making? Hope will show you how! Why make your own Wine

Why make your own Wine…. or,maybe it’s just… why do I love Wine making? perhaps if I explain it to you, the method behind my madness, you might just see it my way, and give it a go!

Hope’s TOP FIVE: 

It’s science, for those of us that just love a good science project it’s so fun!
The very BASIC equation:  Fruit, vegetable or eatable plant + sugar + yeast, over time = WINE!
Yes there can be more to it then that, but not always  I’m going to geek out here just a bit, come on bakers, back me up! Science is FUN!

It teaches you Patience, this might be hard for some…it is for my husband. most wine will be drinkable a year after you start it, and some two years. Now, that said, just keep making wine and you will always have some to drink! I’m always amazed how fast a year goes by so it’s really not that bad. Think of it this way, if you have prayed for patience then this could be God’s way of telling you to make wine! Now really….couldn’t we all have more wine be more patient?

You can sometimes make it for almost free, with very little cost in equipment see my post on How to get started Wine Making, I sometimes can make 24 bottles (5 gallons) for about 5 dollars….go back, read it again, yup, 5 gallons for, 5 bucks!  I take all the free fruit I can, making the only cost sugar and yeast. I have made my Plum using the plums off my own tree, Blackberry, they grow wild everywhere in the northwest, Apple and Pear, my folks have an orchard but I know lot’s of people with trees that will let you pick all you want so they don’t have to pick them up off the ground later. This year I will be planting strawberry’s and rhubarb for wine making. Note: Use quality fruit at the peak of ripeness, cut out any and all bad spots, quality in, quality out.

No two will ever come out the same, if you love to mix things up, experiment, love change….hey! (we might have swung back around to science) you might get a recipe close by formulating the sugar content of your fruit after you have extracted the juice…but really wheres the fun in that! oops I forgot if you REALLY love science you will be doing that, but if you only like it a little bit or if you just want to make some darn good wine you don’t have to go all extreme. I like that they don’t all taste the same, each one is unique and lovely.

You can make wine as good or better then what you can purchase, I do it and you can too! Now, will they all turn out? maybe not. I have not had to dump any yet, and I may never. If something goes wrong and it turns to vinegar, is that so bad? I use wine vinegar and lots of people make it on purpose….so if I did end up with a lifetime supply and packaged it in cute bottles and everyone I knew got artisan wine vinegar for Christmas would that be a terrible thing? I think not!   

The reality is, you will make a lot of wonderful wine, there is something so satisfying in the entire process, the wonderful outcome, and that you did it yourself.

It’s a little bit science, a bit of an art, and a whole lot of fun!
Go make some wine!    

Love Hope

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