Nightstand makeover


I know I have expressed my love of thrift stores before, but this project is going to give some insight into why. If your creative and looking for that next project, or just need some good home decor or furniture the thrift store is the best place to start. You will fine unique stuff, and often high quality goods that just needs a bit of a face lift or in some cases just a good scrubbing.

I found this night stand for .99 cents, now you might ask why on earth would you want that…well I will tell you! It’s 1948 and solid wood, and yes it’s beat up and ugly now, but it’s solid and the hardest part for me was deciding if I wanted to redo it to match the other pieces in the room it was going in or to do something artsy.

.99 cent Night stand makeover

.99 cent Night stand makeover

I started writing about this at 6:30 am because my husband made me stop using my power sander at that hour, he did not feel our neighbors would be as excited to see what was under that stain as I was….But hey! look how far I got before he suggested I waited a couple hours.


I think I waited until 8 am to start back up, your welcome neighborhood!

You can see her taking on her new life!   3 coats of paint, and stain for the top and drawers, I finished it off with a good coat of wax.


I think she has a few good years left!



I love the way it turned out and it only cost me .99 cents! I already had the paint and stain on hand and about 2 hours of work.

I think she looks really sweet all dressed up!



Tips: I hunt the miss mixed and returns bin at the paint counter at my local home store and pick up paint and stain for .50 cents a can. I look every time I go for colors I don’t have or ones I use often….I have a bit of a stock pile.

I hit the thrift store in the first hour open, and go often, it’s ok to ask if they have any more of something in the back, only so much room on the floor so they often will.

Be nice and make friends (in life) and at the thrift store…

Happy thrifting!

Update! I found it’s cousin the desk!


Love Hope