Wine. Mead & Kombucha

For as long as I can remember my parents made wine, they always had a half dozen or so 5 gal carboys going of various varieties.   When I was 12 my parents bought a couple hundred acres and built a house and we started a small farm.

There was a second kitchen downstairs for wine making and canning and a wine cellar begging to be filled up, the wine making really picked up with the ability to grow our own grapes and fruit, so many lovely wines came from that farm.  My parents are both in there early 80’s now and no longer make wine, but i’m enjoying learning from them, and spending time on the farm.

Try your hand at wine making, or one of my other boozy concoctions. It’s fun and will impress your friends!


Hope’s Strawberry Tea Wine

How do you pick your next wine creation? My process  goes like this.....What do I love that I want to ...
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Blending your wines

Today was a racking my wine day, I racked the Blackberry I started on 1/23/16 and the Tea wine I ...
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3 Amazing Cocktails to make with Ginger Beer

I started making Ginger Beer about a year ago, at first I think my family was a bit skeptical, none ...
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Hope's Top five reasons for making your own Wine.

Hope’s Top five reasons for making your own Wine.

Why make your own Wine.... or,maybe it's just... why do I love Wine making? perhaps if I explain it to ...
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How To Get Started Wine Making

How To Get Started Wine Making, what supply's do you really need. You can get started with very little investment ...
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Wine Making 101

Home Wine making 101

Welcome to Home Wine making 101! I figured if I'm going to post all these recipes a little lesson might be ...
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Asian Apple-Pears Wine

We have an Asian Pear tree out on the farm, but last year it did to produce enough fruit for ...
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Blackberry Wine

I picked these berries in late summer batch by batch, putting them in the freezer, and now they get a ...
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Mead – 15 Recipes

Mead is a great gateway into wine making, it is honey wine, and most of these recipes are reality Melomel ...
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Wine - 12 Recipes

Wine recipes – 12

Here is a list of 12 fun and easy wine recipes, if you are new to wine making check out ...
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Pear Wine

I'm VERY excited to be making pear wine! My friend's neighbor has a pear tree that she does not use ...
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Apple Pie Moonshine

This Is a great holiday drink, and makes a great gift in a cute bottle or mason jar. Ingredients: 1 ...
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Moonshine recipes

This weekend I was showing my Sister in-law how to make Lemon cello, we both made a batch. If you ...
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Hopes Hard Cider

I have been toying with the idea of making hard cider, I like it, the husband is not crazy about ...
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Plum Wine

Hope's quick Plum Wine Using cider yeast will really sped things up, and although not such a refined or strong ...
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Ghanaian Ginger Beer

This is my new favorite Ginger Beer recipe, it's faster and super fizzy! I'm doing a double batch in this ...
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Limoncello Recipe

Italian citrus-based lemon liqueur, This recipe does not require much work but it dose require time, 80 days in fact, ...
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Hope’s homemade Ginger Beer

Part 1-Starting the BUG If you have ever had a Dark and Stormy cocktail you will know why you would ...
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Hope’s homemade Mead

  Mead is wine fermented from honey rather than the traditional way of fermenting with grapes. You can add fruit ...
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Hope’s homemade Kombucha

Hope’s Homemade Kombucha  If you have never tried Kombucha, I urge you to run down to the store and buy ...
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