Lotions and Creams

I have been making my own lotions, creams, lip balms and scrubs for over 20 years.

salveand soap

In part because I have very dry sensitive skin, but also it’s so much better for you…only good stuff!

They work so much better and you can experiment and customize once you see how your skin responds to the various oils. PLUS it’s FUN!

I will start with some easy ones, that will have ingredients that most people have on hand to get you started.


Kombucha soap

Kombucha soap Created by Hope Eilertson Service provided by Majestic Mountain Sage http://www.thesage.com Liquids For the size of fat batch ...
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Sweet Dreams Salve

Hope’s Sweet Dreams Salve

This Sweet Dreams Salve, was a request from my daughter, who along with being a busy mom, goes to school ...
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Hot Press Soap

How to make Hot Press Soap

  I've been using melt and pour soap for awhile now and enjoyed adding my own essential oils and add ...
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Of Roses and Chocolate body cream

Oh my! this is yummy! Smells a bit earthy with a back note of Chocolate. Here is how I made ...
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Kefir Face masks

I made a gallon of Kefir....I could stop there and you would know why i'm looking for ways to use ...
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Hope’s Healing Skin Balm

Today I'm heading out to the farm to spend some time crafting with my mom. My mom is in her ...
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Hope's Lemony sugar scrub

Hope’s Lemony sugar scrub

I have been Painting (not the fun kind)....outside....on the house washing it with TSP first. My hands are a mess! ...
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Coconut oil eye cream

Coconut Oil eye cream Super easy and very effective! I make in small batches so it stays fresh. In a ...
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Hope’s glowing skin facial

This is actually two facials! you can do them separately but I love to do them back to back for ...
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